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Roof Cleaning

Restore your roof and
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With years of experience under our belt, we can make your windows look good as new!

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Gutter Cleaning

Avoid the hassle of clogged gutters and a weakened foundation

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Soft Washing

Remove the unwanted mold and algae from your home.


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See what others are saying about John’s Elite Cleaning:

“John’s eye for detail is amazing. He is so personal, professional, and left my home sparkling. I love seeing the sun through my windows. They were so clean, I thought they were open. I will call him again soon! Thanks for taking pride in what you do!”

– Jeanmarie L, San Diego CA

Here at John’s Elite Cleaning we are focused on providing you the best services possible when it comes to your roof cleaning San Diego and other cleaning needs! We take pride in all of the services we provide to our community! We are building the best reputation in San Diego by striving to maintain the best customer experience individualizing it for each customer and their specific needs no matter what their needs might be. Our company aims to be San Diego County’s Lead Roof Cleaning service provider. Furthermore, John’s Elite Cleaning Company intends to work diligently alongside property managers in hopes we will be their preferred company they call when in need. Regardless of what your household needs might be, our company is the one you should call.

At John’s Elite Cleaning, we focus on providing you with the best customer experience from the time we initially talk over the phone, over text, or via email, until after we complete our job leaving you, the customer, with a lasting impression that your friends and family will admire. As the leading roof cleaning San Diego company, we aspire to make every cleaning experience the best experience every time for each individual customer. If you are looking for roof cleaning, pressure washing, power washing, dumpster cleaning, window cleaning, screen cleaning, moss removal, algae removal, sidewalk cleaning, commercial pressure washing, or residential pressure washing, for residential or commercial properties, please contact us! You will be extremely pleased that you contacted John’s Elite Cleaning.

Our company values focus on your property to the best of our excellent abilities. To us the word CLEAN isn’t just a word; to us it means that we value Customer Service, Longevity, Excellence, Accommodation, and neighborly. As the leader of the roof cleaning San Diego companies, we consider ourselves competent Customer Service because we have a set of principles and procedures that we follow so we are able to give each customer the best experience possible since we have formed a lasting relationship with you, our customer. We strive to build a Longevity with each community member so you feel confident in choosing us to provide a roof cleaning, pressure washing, or window cleaning service at your residence or commercial property. Our clients would describe our attention to detail and customer experience to be Excellence. Our company aims to Accommodate each client’s individual needs based on their schedule and services they need. Our employees are willing to modify the roof cleaning, pressure washing, or window cleaning service based on each customer’s needs. This enables us to provide a complete service beyond your expectations. Whether you prefer to communicate via email, text, phone, or in person, we are happy to assist you with your needs. If you work special hours, have a building or property needing unusual hours for our operation, we are happy to accommodate you! As a San Diego small business Neighborly is a word we use to describe John’s Elite Cleaning. We are happy to provide San Diego County with the utmost professionalism and care when cleaning your residence, commercial property, or commercial building. To describe John’s Elite Cleaning core business values, we are: a competent small business where we continue to create long-lasting relationships with our community members by striving to provide nothing but exceptional experiences, so we can accommodate each individual as a San Diego neighborly should.


Meet our company technicians: John Marsh, Trevor, and Daniel.

John Marsh is the proud owner of John’s Elite Cleaning. He is passionate, driven, open minded, and focused. John has been passionate about cleaning homes and businesses in the roof cleaning San Diego market for the past several years. He is driven when it comes to providing our community with exceptional customer service in roof cleaning, pressure washing, or window cleaning services. John is open minded when it comes to new business opportunities and helping San Diego residents however possible. He is focused when it comes to completing a cleaning service in a timely manner and surpassing the expectations of the community. John Marsh is a passionate, driven, open minded, and focused small business owner.

Daniel, who recently joined our company, is friendly, reliable, timely, and committed to providing the exceptional service John’s Elite Cleaning represents. As he arrives at your place of business or home, you are greeted by his friendly smile. He is always committed to providing quality work when performing a cleaning service on your commercial building or residence. Daniel is known for arriving early so he has a sufficient amount of time to build a personal rapport with the community member. He is committed to providing an exceptional service that will leave you wanting to book your next service. He is also very helpful with roof cleaning jobs.


Why should you choose John’s Elite Cleaning?

John’s Elite Cleaning is Reliable, Time & Money Saving, Skilled, Licenced & Insured, & Detail Orientated. We are the roof cleaning San Diego leaders. When you choose us as your cleaning provider you can expect us to be reliable from the first time you decide to have us clean for you and years later. We offer Monthly, Quarterly, Biannually, and Annual services no matter what the cleaning service is you are looking for. Also if you happen to be a realtor or selling your home or need last minute cleaning for your Party, wedding, baby shower, or any other event you may host. With us you save time and money by quickly checking our credible website, and reviews on your preference of search engines & online sites such as; Google, Yelp, Home Advisor, Facebook, Linkedin, & Instagram. After checking a couple sites you can set up a Free estimate or schedule a cleaning by scheduling online, calling, emailing or texting. This way you can contact us whatever way is most convenient and quicker for you. With us you can trust that we are a genuine company that cares about making a win-win outcome, for us to provide a great service that will make you want us to come back again and again for years to come. We believe our service is so good that our goal is to keep our clients for years, maybe even centuries, with that in mind we choose to charge you a fair price. We are a skilled & a 1 stop shop for all of your exterior cleaning needs. John’s Elite Cleaning is known for our Roof Cleaning, pressure washing, sidewalk cleaning, window cleaning, Gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, power washing, dumpster cleaning, moss removal, algae removal, commercial pressure washing, or residential pressure washing, solar panel cleaning, for residential or commercial properties. As the roof cleaning San Diego innovator, having your cleaning company Licenced and insured is a big deal because you have the knowledge that the company working at your home or commercial property will have the proper precautions in place in case an accident does occur. John’s Elite Cleaning wants to be your preferred cleaning professionals because we can take on any job you are looking to have completed. We think every cleaning professional should be Reliable for years to come, help you save time and money, skilled in more than one job, Licenced & insured, and Absolutely detail oriented.